HOME HACKS – 5 Brilliant Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

1. Tags on fitted sheets.

How many times have you put the short end on the long side and vice versa….

If you’ve ever struggled putting the fitted sheet on your mattress like I did every single time before this, listen up: The corner with the tag always goes on the bottom right side of your mattress. BOOM.

2. Polish copper with ketchup.

If your copper item is looking tarnished, squirt some ketchup on a rag, then sprinkle salt on top. Rub the mix on your item and repeat until you’ve covered every inch of the surface. Rinse it off and your item will be as shiny as ever.

3. Restore white sneakers with baking soda.

Of course you can do it my way which is to bleach the crap outta them in the washer, BUT this can discolor them as well. SO to avoid that….

One of Twitter user @sarahtraceyy‘s tweets went viral this year because it showed the astounding before & after pics of her white Converse shoes. Even better: All it took was a little baking soda and laundry detergent, a rag and an old toothbrush.

What you’ll need: baking soda ($1, amazon.com), laundry detergent ($9, amazon.com)

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halloween queen@sarahtraceyy I am a miracle worker

4. Use foil as a scrub brush.

When in a pinch, you can use foil to help you around the house for much more than food storage. Ball it up and use it as a dish scrubber! Obvs don’t use it on teflon or anything you don’t want to scratch!

5. Clean brass with lemon & salt.


When you have company coming over last minute, grab some lemon & salt and SCRUB CHRISTINA! Make err thing shiny!  Squeeze lemon juice and pour salt on a sponge and scrub onto the brass. Voila!